I'm from Switzerland, I live and work in Lausanne. After training in drama and several years as an actress and director, I turned to street photography and documentary. Sound works also accompany me in my everyday life.

After exploring seriality and movement in photography, I felt the need to transpose this work to cinema. This is how two photographic projects found a new temporal perception, by confronting them with rhythmic elements such as video shots or an improbable musical narrative. This device, in which different media collide, is interesting for the polysemic and poetic aspects it can unfold. In addition to my attachment to the pictorial, to black and white, excessive contrasts and saturation, my films always evolve in close collaboration with the particularity and intimacy of the performers. The process is fluid. The way I edit my films is also fluid, even plastic. I see my work as essays, a body of material that I knead until it comes to life and, in the end, its outcome surprises me...

I'm interested in the forms of violence that normative society exerts on our bodies, our desires and our intimacy. The relationships of power and seduction that we impose on ourselves. I'm trying to understand why we continue to exhaust ourselves building our own subservience.
I'm looking for a shared vision of our fragility, of what binds us and holds us together beyond the visible, however provisional that answer may be.

Sound also occupies an important place in my life. I am also associated with the experimental sound work of Svea Jørwig. I have also promoted the visual identity of artists over 10 years, theatre companies and SMEs, producing films and video clips. I have also been responsible for the multimedia development/webdesign of websites. .

Official Selection

  • 2023.Experimental Film fest New Bern - NC - US
    --> My body suddenly started shivering
  • 2023.Serbest International Film Festival
    --> Uncertain Body - Quarter-Finalist

Exhibitions & films works

  • 2023 --> My body suddenly started shivering - HD short Exp. 8'08
  • 2022 --> Uncertain body - HD short exp. 22'08
  • 2022 --> Nos corps incertains| Our uncertain bodies | Photo-sound installation La pièce rouge - Av. De Sports 5, Yverdon

Award-winning works

  • 2020.The Wall Gallery Venice | Virtual exhibit for
    --> NYC Pride.2018 serie , photographies award 2020 march selection
  • 2020. Minneapolis, MN, USA - Praxis Photo Center, for
    --> GENEVA Pride.2019 - The Streets Exhibition, picture selected "nos corps ne sont pas à vendre", International Juried Photography Exhibition March 2020


The photographic work carried out during political events in public space, some images of which are published here, reflects a desire to bear witness to those who support mobilization actions by their presence. If in this documentary process, a person does not wish to appear in these images, I invite them to write to request their removal.
Le travail photographique réalisé lors d'événements politiques dans l'espace public, dont certaines images sont publiées ici, traduit une volonté de témoigner de celles et ceux qui soutiennent de par leur présence des actions de mobilisation. Si dans cette démarche documentaire, qui est également l'expression de ma solidarité, une personne ne souhaite pas apparaître sur ces images, je l'invite à m'écrire pour en demander le retrait.

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